Frank the Pug puppy
Owner: Nicholas Pesce
Pug of March 2008
Easter Pug 'Guinness'
Photo: Cheryl Krzaczek
Pug of April 2008
Cute pug puppy 'Bella'
Owner: Amy Anderson

Pug of May 2008
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Angus the Pug
7 years old
Owner: Khristine Baltazar

Pug of November 2008
Winston the Pug was a cheerleader for Halloween
Owner: Katelyn Allen, Ontario, Canada

Pug of October 2008
Pugs of the Month 2008
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Fawn and Black Pugs
Fawn pug with cap and bandana
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Black Pugs
Black pug in pink hoodie
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Ms. Piggy after a nice boat ride / swim
Photo: Dorothee Manning

Pug of August/Sept 2008
Budy Love
Photo: Bill Pennington

Pug of June/July 2008
Pug of December 2008
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and Halloween Pugs