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What are the typical Pug traits Pug owners like in their Pugs ?
(based on our survey among our visitors and fans)

Their comical antics and endearing personality is the one personality trait most Pug owners love in their Pugs. The peculiar sounds they produce, very much like human babies: snoring, snorting, grunting, screaming, is also something many pug owners like in them. Some Pugs also purr very much like cats do when they are happy and have a strange habit of sneezing in your face when you hug them.

Pugs are also very curious and will follow you everywhere around the house to see what you are doing. They will relentlessly cover you with snuggles and kisses to show how much they love you.

With their big, expressive monkey eyes Pugs have a very particular way in looking at you. They tilt their head to the side when you talk to them in a very expressive way as if they can really understand every single word you are saying.

Many Pugs like to have a set routine with fixed feeding hours, time to take a nap and go to bed. Because of this, they usually adapt very easily to their owner's own routine and are not the type of dog that will wake you up in the middle of the night for no reason.

When they sit down and sleep they adopt various positions that are untypical of other dogs. They can sit in some kind of Budha position with their legs open in front of them instead of under them, like other dogs. They also like to lie down in a 'frog' position with their legs stretched out backwards, a position also seen in bulldogs. They have an incredible 'butt wiggle' when they are happy. Instead of wagging just their tail they wiggle their entire rear end, so much so that it seems their end is going to smack her head.

What are the typical Pug traits they could do without ?

- obsessive licking ('pug bath')
- destructive chewing (only as puppies, but they stay puppies for at least 18 months !)
- extreme devotion (follow you everywhere around the house, can become very jealous or sad when you leave or do not give them the attention they want)
- annoying barking (in some Pug lines only, most Pugs are not of the yappy type of dog and can discriminate very well between noices that need to be signaled and unimportant background noices)
- food aggression,
- flatulence,  
- yeast in the ears


Some of the traits Pug owners like most can also be found in the list of traits other Pug owners dislike. The conclusion is that Pugs are dogs with great and unique personalities. They are not the typical doggy dog type and need owners with a great sense of humor.
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Pugs in turn are quite tolerant with children and sturdy enough to romp and play with children. Add to that the fact that they are excellent watch dogs, always alert, but not yappy, and you obtain the perfect mix of a top companion dog.

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Pug Temperament and Personality

Pugs are true companion dogs: they can be quiet and docile, but also vivacious and teasing, depending on their owner's mood.

Black pug in pink hoodie
Fawn pug with cap and bandana
Although strong willed and opionated, they are rarely aggressive. They are most suitable to families with children. Children like their sense of humor and soft, velvety coat. Their protruding button eyes and wrinkled short face give them a little monkey look (hence their name).

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