One of the most important decisions after getting your Pug puppy is choosing the right name for your furry family member. The name should not only sound great and be easily understandable, but it should also convey the proper image. A dog's name says as much about the dog's owner, his tastes and style as it does about the dog itself. As this name will be used well over 40,000 times to relate to the dog for the rest of her life, take the necessary time in choosing a name. Here are some suggestions to guide you through this important choice. 

Choose a Short Name

As Pugs are cobby, compact dogs (their compactness, "Multum in parvo" is actually one of their main characteristics) a short, sweet, elegant or humorous name is what suits them best. Preferably choose a mono- or bisyllabic name (containing one of two syllables, such as Ca-pri or Pra-da).

The name should be short, but not harsh like a command. Avoid names that could be mistaken for a command such as 'Fay' ('stay) or 'Rum' (come).

However, hard consonants, such as 'k,' 'd,' and 't' at the beginning of the name are easier to hear than soft consonants such as 'f,' 's,' or 'm.' The same is true for vowels. Also, try to bring variation in the sounds of the first and second syllable. Names such as Capri, Carlo will be easier to recognize than Shana or Gigi.

Choose a name that corresponds to the breed

Do not choose a name referring to a big, imposing breed to name your pug! The name should be compatible with the overall image your pet's breed conveys, with his temperament and personality and with his origins. Many Pug owners choose a Chinese name or the name of a famous Pug or renowned Pug owner.

Avoid names that sound like other names

Every family member deserves a name that is unique to him/her, and the same goes for your Pug puppy. Avoid names that are too similar to the names of other household members (human or animal!). This would only result in creating confusion for your dog, and the dog's namesake.

Avoid 'private' nicknames

Finally, avoid choosing a name that may make you feel uncomfortable when calling your dog in public. A name that might sound sweet and cute in private, such as Sweetie or Honey may take on a complete different connotation when called in a dog park.

Some of the most Popular Pug names


Chinese Pug Names

As the Pug is an ancient Chinese breed, Chinese dog names are a good source of inspiration to name your Pug puppy: they are short and made of sounds that your dog can easily remember.

Bao Bao (Darling, baby)
Ben Ben 
(clever, intelligent)
(big hero)
(God of Happiness)
Fu Gui
  (Rich and prosperous)
  (Charming, lovely, beautiful girl)
(elegance, money, gold)
(beautiful, graceful)
(girl name meaning 'gold')
Li Ming
(beautiful and light)
Li Wei
(beautiful rose)
Nao Nao
(peace, serenity)
Sai Hu
  (Swifter than tiger)
  (Coral, Precious)
Si Xi
  (Four happinesses)
  (Graceful young lady)

Some Classic and Champion Pug names

Chotee, Click, Duke Beira, Jack Pratt, Lamb, Mops, Moss, Nell, Punch, Terry, Trump. See also: Famous Pugs

Some Famous Pugs' Names

Ayah, Basco, Dizzy (for Mr. Disraeli), Davy (Crockett), Diamond, Fatima, Gen Sengh,  Goldengleam, Impy (for Emperor), Jacopo, Minka, Minoru, Mr. Chu, Olga, Oliver, Pedro, Rooney, Rufus, Trooper, Venus, Willie, Winston.

See also: Famous Pugs for the Famous Pugs and Royal Pug owners behind these names.

More Cute, Sweet, and Funny Pug Names

Benji, Elmer, Capri (in reference to the small, elegant island in Italy), Crash (because of the pushed-in face !), Froggy, Ginger, GinGin (in reference to the favorite drink of a famous Pug owner), Gucci, Jem, Kali, Maya, Memphis, Peanut, Piper, Prada, Puggsy, Royal Stuff, Trouble, Yoda, Zoe.

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