Pug Memorabilia
A tremendous number of these pieces devoted to Pugs can be found in collections all over the world. Some of these represent famous Pugs, while other pieces served as a symbol for associations, like the Mopsorden (Order of the Pug). However, the vast majority are just a tribute to the Pug as a breed. Prices vary enormously, from the most expensive and rare antiques to the more common and largely available Pug replicas.
Pug memorabilia have been produced all over the world in about every medium and also include designer pieces and famous works of art (see Pugs in art).
Many represent the Pug show standard, but the most sought after are maybe those representing Pugs with rare coat colors, cropped ears or other breed traits that were typical of a certain epoch or geographical area.
Pug Information
Examples of some rare or unusual Pug collectibles include a bronze clock of circa 1800 owned by the Puppentheatersammlung in Munich, Germany, and a beautifull chess set where the black pawns are black pug puppies and the white pawns fawn pug puppies, the major pieces being dressed-up Pugs in the corresponding colors.
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Black pug in pink hoodie
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Pug chess set.
In this photo you see the white pawns (fawn puppies) and white towers, as well as the black knights, queen and king.
Courtesy of Burchard Galleries Inc., St. Petersburg, FL
White (fawn) pug pawn and black pug queen and king from a Pug chess set
Source: Burchard Galleries Inc.
Dresden Pug dog figurines
Courtesy of Burchard Galleries Inc.
Fawn Pug Dogs with cropped ears and bell collars often worn by the breed in the nineteenth century
Courtesy of Burchard Galleries Inc.
Popular examples include porcelain or bisque Pug figurines, needle-point designs, tobacciana, toys, vintage postcards and  other Pug ornaments and statuettes. Many of the finer figures were produced in fine porcelain by famous porcelain manufacturers like Meissen, Dresden, Chelsea, Bow and Staffordshire (see also: Pugs in art).
Saxonian Porcelain Pugs with color patches and bell collars
Courtesy of Burchard Galleries Inc.
Pug Tobacco Jar with inscription "Mops was kannst du nuetzen wenn du nicht gerollt bist" (literally meaning: "Pug (Mops), what's your use if you aren't rolled" (Probably a word play on Rollmops and rolling a cigarette).
Source: Burchard Galleries Inc.
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