Overall Pugs are a healthy and very resistant breed. General care consists of brushing your Pug once or twice a week and cleaning inside the creases formed by the wrinkles on their face, to avoid irritation and infection.

Except from the common ailments and diseases that can be found in all dog breeds, pugs have three areas where owners should take special care to avoid problems: their Pug's eyes, body temperature and weight.

Because the Pug's eyes tend to protrude, they are more susceptible to eye injuries than other dog breeds.

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The comparatively short length of the Pug's head and flattened breathing passages put them at risk of having a heat stroke.

They also tend to eat more than they need and often lead a sedentary life, a combination which may easily lead to obesity. See also: Feeding your pug and obesity in pugs.

Apart from these problem areas, a number of hereditary defects may be found in Pugs, such as: cleft palate, entropion, hemi-vertebra, hip dysplasia, legg-perthes disease (breakdown of the femoral head) and patella luxation (slipping patella).

Another affection called Pug Dog Encephalitis (PDE), a chronic form of granulomatous meningoencephalitis (an inflammation of the brain tissue) specific to the breed is also thought to be an inherited disease.

Some breeders prefer their Pug puppies to be delivered by ceasarean section. If the puppies are delivered naturally, your Pug may need assistance to tear the amniotic sack (birth sack) off and deal with the umbilical cord. Because Pugs have flat faces they may not be able to break the membrane of the birth sack.

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