Most Pugs love to get dressed up, whether for their dog birthday party, for Halloween of for Christmas. Choose a costume that is safe and comfortable, so as to not restrict your pet's movements or vision.

Make sure the size and other costume characteristics correspond to your Pug's morphology. Remember that Pugs are a little wider around the chest, neck and waist than comparable breeds of the same size. In case of doubt or if your Pug has a stout building, always choose one size up.

Prince of Frogs Pug Halloween Costume
Large fits 16"-20"
Medium fits 12"-16"
Small fits 8"-12"
Measured from base of Neck to Tail

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Dog Pirate Costume
Medium fits backs 12-16" (base of neck to tail), necks 14-16" and chests 16-22"
Small fits backs 8-12" (base of neck to tail), necks 12-14" and chests 13-16"
Halloween Pirate Costume for Dogs
Mrs. Jester Dog Mardi Gras Costume
Medium fits 13"-16"
Small fits 9"-12"
More info: Medium or Small

Prison Pooch Dog Costume
Available in Sizes Medium, Small,
and also Large, X-small, X-large
Jack Sparrow
Pug Halloween Costume
Turkey Dog Costume
Different sizes available

Prisoner Dog Costume
Available in Sizes Medium, Small,
and also Large, X-small