One of the most common health compromising problems in Pugs is obesity. Living the life of a (spoiled) lapdog combined with a gluttonous appetite are two of main reasons why Pugs become overweight. In some rare cases, an underlying illness or condition may contribute to obesity.

Too many dog owners believe their pet can regulate their appetite by themselves and should be fed the amount they ask. While this may be true for certain working breeds, this is certainly not the case with Pugs. Pugs are always craving for food and very good at convincing their owners to give them an extra treat.
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In order to keep your Pug's weight under control there is just one method: keep close to the recommended food quantities mentioned on the food labels and keep the amount of treats under a reasonable limit. Giving treats only as a reward for a certain action, for example, asking your dog to 'sit' before giving a treat. This is a good way to help you control the number of treats you are giving your dog and teaches your Pug at the same time that treats are given only in certain conditions and not randomly or (worse) on their demand .

If you feed your Pug home-prepared meals, adapt the quantity to the exercise level and age of your Pug and weigh your Pug often enough to control if their weight remains constant at the recommended weight. Otherwise increase or decrease the amount of food until your Pug reaches the recommended weight. More about Pug nutrition

The other keypoint in combating obesity is exercising your dog.
If a dog that is exercised daily and fed a proper diet remains obese, an underlying disease or condition may be the cause. Diseases or conditions which may affect your dogs metabolism or appetite and contribute to obesity include: hypothyroidism, type-II diabetes, Cushing's disease (hyperadrenocorticism), Pituitary gland and Hypothalamic abnormalities.

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